RSDP's artisanal versatility with space, scale, texture and color has been reflected in a decade of original commissions. Our ongoing creations of bespoke finishes integrate into the overall design of the space.

RSDP's signature specialty of working with pattern, color and metallics, creates a living surface that infuses interior space with grace and energy. We pride ourselves on the manipulation of glazing, plaster work, pattern design, as well as mixed media and murals, to respond to any interior.

Our pattern designs have been created on a project-to-project basis; while some have been inspired by wallpaper, others have cohered from elements—objects, dimensions and colors—of their surrounding space.

Our team also brings a sense of playful and elastic sophistication to children’s rooms. By employing a broad approach — we can modernize classical techniques so that this important room can harmonize with its young inhabitant over many years.